Can you do these?

(a) Explain the main conclusions of the Eddington transport study (15 mks)

(b) Evaluate the ways of producing a more sustainable freight transport policy (20 mks)

(a) Explain the objectives of transport policy in the UK (15 mks)

(b) Evaluate the challenges for government in trying to implement a sustainable transport policy (20 mks)

(a) Explain a) the user benefits and b) the costs of Crossrail (15 mks)

(b) Using and Appraisal Summary Table explain a multi-criteria approach to new road schemes (20 mks)

(a) Using a diagram, explain the benefits to users of a new road (15 mks)

(b) Evaluate COBA as a means of appraising new motorways and trunk roads (20 mks)

(a) Explain the role of private and public sectors in resource allocation (15 mks)

(b) Evaluate PPP as a means of funding expansion in Transport (20 mks)

(a) Explain the main arguments for public transport subsidies payments (15 mks)

(b) Discuss whether air transport growth should be controlled?

(a) Explain how road pricing has differed between countries. (15 mks)

(b) Evaluate the use of road user charging as a means of reducing traffic congestion (20 mks)

(a) Explain the reasons behind the privatisation of various businesses in the transport industry (15 mks)

(b) Evaluate the arguments for the privatisation of British Rail (20 mks)

(a) Explain the EU Open Skies policy (15 mks)

(b) Evaluate the effects of deregulation on the airline industry (20 mks)

(a) Explain the difference between contestability and competition (15 mks)

(b) Evaluate the transport relevance of contestability (20 mks)

(a) Explain the different market structures in the transport industry (15)

(b) Evaluate the transport relevance of monopoly/monopolistic/oligopolistic competition (20)

(a) Explain – with examples – the importance of economies of scale in the transport industry (15)

(b) Discuss the different aims and objectives of firms in the transport industry (20)

(a) Explain how forecasting road traffic demand is carried out (15)

(b) Evaluate the importance of transport to the UK and other economies (20)

(a) Explain the factors that affect the demand for transport (15)

(b) With reference to recent trends in transport demand explain why traffic forecasts are useful (20)

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