Cheating in the Transport examination

It's sad that with all the help, all the resources and all the expert tuition available people still want to - and are still able to - cheat in the examination.

A few days ago I met a student who showed me the texts he received from a student doing an AS Economics exam. It was the final question in Unit 2. The student then texted back the detailed answer. He had no qualms in showing me this as he knew that a) as I didn't work at the school they b) would not listen to me as it would reflect badly on them and c) I could never prove it anyway. he added that the invigilator 'often went drinking with the pupils' - which may, of course, be irrelevant.

Yesterday's Transport exam was travelling via mobile phones at 10 am with texts going out looking for answers. Here's how you do it.

Take 3 mobile phones into the exam.

hand one in then say 'Oh, I forgot, here's my second one'. That makes it certain you will not be searched for the third. Also say that 'owing to exam nerves ' you have diahorrea.

Ten minutes into the exam go to the toilet. be fairly quick as all you are doing is texting out the question.

Then 1 hour later go to the toilet again (as you have diahorrea) and read through the answers to check against what you have written.

In the Transport paper one student went to the toilet for 20 minutes (!!!) and then came back and wrote loads.

It's so easy - and so preventible!

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