25 topics to revise

1) Outline the characteristics of the main modes of transport

2) Explain why transport is derived demand

3) Explain how to measure transport demand

4) Explain how transport forecasts are made and why

5) Explain how some of the main ways in which transport sector can be described through the data

6) Outline economies of scale and their application to transport

7) Describe contestability in transport markets

8) Describe barriers to entry and their applciation to the transport market

9) Outline the natural monopoly case for transport

10) Describe deregulation in the transport markete

11) Explain and describe privatisation in the transport market

12) Explain negative externalities due to ever increasing transport demand

13) Describe how transport interacts with the environment

14) Describe and evaluate sustainability issues in transport

15) Explain why traffic congestion is a cause of market failure

16) Describe the costs of congestion

17) Explain how to deal with congestion

18) Describe road pricing schemes

19) Outline how other countries tackle congestion

20) Describe the role of private and public sectors in transport

21) Explain what is meant by cost benefit analysis, when it is used and its limitations (transport)

22) Explain how the government approaches new road schemes

23) Describe integrated transport policy

24) Describe the main features of the current transport policy

25) Outline sustainable transport policy

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