Researching air transport

Sometimes people revising, seem lost for information.

Really, all they need is to:

a. google it
b. google it in the main newspapers

Take for example, forecasting demand for air transport.

The following links took less than 5 minutes to find:

link 1

link 2

link 3

link 4

link 5

link 6

link 7

link 8

What will differentiate YOUR paper from others is:

a. using current data
b. being familiar with current trands/forecasts and sources
c. ability to draw key diagrams well - and apply them
d. ability to plan your essay - and include detailed evaluation

Remember with forecasts:

"Done through market research and extrapolating trends, but this lacks accuracy. If the project being forecast doesn't exist yet, such as building a new road, there are no past trends and therefore hard to predict. For this, consumer surveys will need to be carried out of their needs and this takes time. Also, construction of such a project may boost demand more than expected. More accuracy can be gained through the combination of other forecasts, such as GDP, YED of that product, etc..."


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