Can you do these essays?

1 (a) Explain how economists make forecasts of transport demand (10)
(b) Assess the economic importance of the transport sector in the UK economy (15)

2. (a) Explain how increased transport use leads to negative externalitieis and market failure. (10)
(b) Discuss how government use of indirect taxes and subsidies helps to regulate transport use. (15)

3. (a) Explain why the private sector is having an increasingly important role in funding transport investment, particularly through the pFI. (10)
(b) Discuss the different criteria that are applied by private and public sectors in makming investment decisions in transport (15)

4. (a) Explain how the models fo market structure can be applied to selected transport markets (10)
(b) Analyse how deregulation has sought to produce competitive markets for local bus services in Britain and for European air transport services. (15)

5. (a) Explain the arguments for and against the privatisation of transport (10)
(b) How can the effectiveness of rail privatisation be evaluated? (15)

6. (a) Explain how the costs of road congestion can be estimated (10)
(b) 'Some form of road pricing is the only proven and effective way of reducing congestion in many towns and cities' Discuss. (15)

7. (a) Explain why congestion is a classic case of market failure (10)
(b) Evaluate the policy options available for combating road congestion (15)

8. (a) Outline the nature and features of an integrated transport policy (10)
(b) Evaluate the role of government and the market in the allocation of resources in the transport sector (15)

9. (a) Explain the relationship between transport economics and transport policies, particularly in the UK (10)
(b) Why is there a growing consensus among economists that transport policy should be promoting more sustainable transport outcomes? (15)

In the Comment box post how many of the above you can do.

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  1. I can do 5 of them - but in the exam I would have a choice...