Every mark is sooooooo important!

Last year there were TWELVE marks between a grade E and a grade A for the Transport exam!

Grade A : 33
Grade B : 30
Grade C: 27
Grade D: 24
Grade E : 21

How can you MAXIMISE the marks?

Make sure you DEFINE every economic term

Leave space between your answers so you can go back and add information.

Make sure you always use diagrams and you also discuss them. Obviously make sure you label them thoroughly and properly.


Discuss your point of view.

Refer to LOCAL bus and train charges etc - the Examiner won't know that locally bus fares have risen by 100% etc since deregulation.

If you finish early then go back and add something. Add a diagram. Develop a point. Add data.

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  1. What does the evaluation have to conclude because i usually end up repeating myself?